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Thousands of union caregivers, healthcare professionals, and frontline staff are uniting to improve our workplaces and communities. Together, we have built our Care Plan for a Healthy Pennsylvania.

Now, we need to elect leaders who will fight to make sure every Pennsylvanian has:

Safe Staffing

No one should ever suffer because there aren’t enough nurses and caregivers in a hospital or nursing home.

Strong Union Contracts

Healthcare workers deserve a say in patient care and working conditions.

Good Jobs

so hardworking people can take care of their families.

Improved funding for vital services

like Home Care and Medicaid.

Commit to voting our Care Plan values
on November 6th!

I support the values in healthcare workers’ Care Plan for PA: Our prescription and top priorities for how to improve care and jobs in our communities.

I believe all citizens of Pennsylvania will be healthier and thrive if we elect leaders who will ensure:

  • Safe Staffing;
  • Strong Union Contracts;
  • Good Jobs; and
  • Improved Funding for Vital Services.

“As a nurse, I know that staffing can literally be a matter of life and death. Governor Wolf supports safer staffing in our hospitals and nursing homes – so that’s why I’m supporting him in November.”

Erica Zimmerman, RN – Canonsburg

“I work hard every day and shouldn’t live paycheck to paycheck. I’m supporting candidates who will fight to give every worker a living wage, good benefits and a secure retirement.”

Barbara Coleman, CNA – Taylor

“Having a union is the only reason I get yearly raises, job protections, and a voice at work. I’m going to vote for candidates who stand up for union jobs.”

Eric Szopacs, CNA – Bethlehem

“The new owners who bought our hospital tried to cut our wages, benefits and time off. Chris Rabb, candidate for PA House, came out and spoke in support of us. I’ll never forget that.”

Linda Heater, Unit Secretary – Pottstown

“A lot of politicians are out of touch. But three local candidates here in Erie took the time to hear from home care workers and our consumers – that’s the type of leadership we need.”

Shaevonia Moore, Home Caregiver – Erie

“Governor Wolf appointed me to the Patient Safety Authority Executive Board. It speaks volumes that he is putting frontline, bedside nurses like me into this role because it demonstrates his commitment to improving nursing care in Pennsylvania.”

Denelle Weller, RN – Mt. Nittany

“We’ve seen what happens when you have an administration that doesn’t understand or respect the work we do in the department of health. We have a Governor now who just increased our budget by 80% this year and understands the need to restore funding next year. Scott Wagner has said we could cut 10% of the teachers from every school and no one would miss them. What do you think he’d do to state health centers? We need elected officials who respect the valuable role of public health in our communities.”

Mike Allen, Dept of Health

“Department of Corrections nursing doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Respect comes from the right to be heard and standing together in our union. We need a strong union contract and a Governor who respects public employees, our right to bargain and sees unions as an important way for nurses to be heard – not as the enemy.”

Kelly Stewart, RN BSN